What are the opportunities for Electric Vehicles as grid support?

Percepscion’s Kristian Handberg and Gill Owen from Monash University have published a whitepaper examining the opportunities for Electric Vehicles (EVs) as grid support. The paper covers the benefits offered by EVs, such as helping to smooth the peaks and troughs of electricity demand and improving the utilization of EV batteries, as well as the technical and regulatory obstacles.

In addition to the potential for EV batteries to store power during times of abundance and the ability of grid connected EVs to participate in Demand Management in times of shortage, the whitepaper explores how EVs can be employed to support electricity needs at a household level, such as supplying emergency back-up power and acting as local storage for the home’s rooftop solar energy.

The whitepaper Electric Vehicles as Grid Support can be downloaded here.

Kristian Handberg will be expanding on this theme at next week’s Smart Energy Summit in Austin, Texas. Kristian is taking part in an expert panel on the topic of “Expanding the Energy Markets through Connected Devices” and will be focusing on the role of EVs as grid connected devices. More information can be found on the Smart Energy Summit website.