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Green Button for Australia

Percepscion is advocating for Australian consumers to be given the same level of access to their energy data as is available to consumers in the U.S.

Citing the successful U.S. Green Button initiative, Percepscion’s submission to the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) highlights the need for a standard data format and harmonized data transfer arrangements as a necessity for consumers to realise the benefits from Smart Meters.

By adopting this approach, individuals and organisations can build smartphone app’s and links into other solutions that will deliver cost savings and lifestyle benefits.

Percepscion’s proposal is in response to the AEMC’s draft rule on customer access to information about their energy consumption.  Under our approach, Australian households will benefit from innovations beyond those delivered by their electricity providers.

Green Button

Utility magazine’s May 2014 edition includes an article by Percepscion’s Kristian Handberg that describes the emerging battle for the customer relationship between traditional electricity market players and new entrants from other sectors.

The article draws on Percepscion’s expertise as a Smart Energy technology provider, and reflects the growing interest in the market for these products.

With recent experience talking to businesses from around the world at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2014) and Parks Associates’ Smart Energy Summit, Percepscion are continuing to build on their position as Australia’s Smart Energy leaders.


Utility magazine May 2014 edition which includes an article by Percepscion's Kristian Handberg outlining the "emerging battle for the customer relationship".

Utility magazine May 2014 edition which includes an article by Percepscion’s Kristian Handberg outlining the “emerging battle for the customer relationship”.

Smart energy delivers resilience

Percepscion’s understanding of the mega-trends that are behind Smart Energy includes that of resilience, or our ability to cope with sudden and drastic change.

In a recent article published through Reneweconomy, Percepcion’s Kristian Handberg describes how energy localisation is being promoted as part of efforts to harden the system against extreme weather events, cyber-attack or acts of sabotage.

The article draws on interviews with U.S. policymakers and project owners who are promoting microgrids – small-scale electricity networks able to operate independent of the surrounding grid.  The interviews were conducted as part of an international research fellowship from the George Alexander Foundation.

Microgrids represent perhaps the ultimate expression of Smart Energy, where distributed energy solutions are tailored to specific customer needs and demand is managed closely in line with supply.

Understanding the mega-trends that are behind the changes unfolding in our energy system and society more broadly reflects Percepscion and our parent organisation DiUS’s holistic outlook aimed at Creating Shared Value.


Infographic that provides an overview of the U.S. experience of microgrids for resilience

Infographic that provides an overview of the U.S. experience of microgrids for resilience

Percepscion’s Kristian Handberg and Gill Owen from Monash University have published a whitepaper examining the opportunities for Electric Vehicles (EVs) as grid support. The paper covers the benefits offered by EVs, such as helping to smooth the peaks and troughs of electricity demand and improving the utilization of EV batteries, as well as the technical and regulatory obstacles.

In addition to the potential for EV batteries to store power during times of abundance and the ability of grid connected EVs to participate in Demand Management in times of shortage, the whitepaper explores how EVs can be employed to support electricity needs at a household level, such as supplying emergency back-up power and acting as local storage for the home’s rooftop solar energy.

The whitepaper Electric Vehicles as Grid Support can be downloaded here.

Kristian Handberg will be expanding on this theme at next week’s Smart Energy Summit in Austin, Texas. Kristian is taking part in an expert panel on the topic of “Expanding the Energy Markets through Connected Devices” and will be focusing on the role of EVs as grid connected devices. More information can be found on the Smart Energy Summit website. 

In mid-2013 Bloomberg New Energy Finance invited Percepscion to take part in their Singapore Leadership Forum on Smart Energy.  Bloomberg have now published their July 2013 event report, Realising the Potential of Smart Energy, documenting the discussions which took place.

Based on the views of participants, Japan was identified as the country that had made the most progress on Smart Energy, followed by the US and Australia.  Although the drivers for Smart Grid investment differ markedly across Asian countries, many of the solutions – including demand-side management – are common.

Interoperability of demand management technical standards was identified as an area of activity for the industry, along with market reforms that promote Smart Energy investment and business models.  These developments are behind increased use of demand-side management as a means for addressing capacity constraints and integrating renewable energy sources into the grid.

As part of the gathering, Percepscion presented its ground-breaking electric vehicle charging demand management case study.

Relationships formed during the event have led to a range of opportunities that are bearing fruit now and in future.


Percepscion's Chief Technology Officer, Mark Anderson, addresses participants   at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Smart Energy Leadership Forum in Singapore

Percepscion’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Anderson, addresses participants at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Smart Energy Leadership Forum in Singapore

Demonstrating market leadership at EVS27

Percepscion showed the world how electric vehicle charging can benefit everyone at last week’s 27th International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS27) in Barcelona, Spain.  The event received 4,000 visitors from 58 different countries, 1,300 congress attendees and 232 exhibitors from around the world.

Percepscion’s presentation, “Demonstrating Demand Management: How intelligent Electric Vehicle charging can benefit everyone” showcased the 2012 ChargeIQ EV charging demand management project.  The outcomes from this project showed that Electric Vehicle (EV) charging can be used to level out demand on electricity networks – improving asset utilization and reducing electricity costs for all.

Discussions at the conference and the parallel Green eMotion stakeholder meeting showed that Percepscion’s achievements with ChargeIQ are leading the world in terms of EV grid-integration.

As an outcome from these discussions, Percepscion is working with a number of international parties towards streamlining the development of the EV market through improved grid integration.


Percepscion's business development manager, Kristian Handberg, presenting to the EVS27 audience

Percepscion’s business development manager, Kristian Handberg, presenting to the EVS27 audience

On 16 November Percepscion took part in a gathering of international policy-makers and experts in Barcelona discussing integration of electric vehicles into the grid.  The roundtable, attended by over 30 representatives, was organised by the Electric Vehicle Initiative and the International Smart Grid Action Network.

Issues discussed included:

  • What is the potential impact of wide-scale EV deployment on the electric grid at the local, regional and national levels?
  • How can EV infrastructure provision be optimised to decrease grid stress?  What are the information requirements?
  • How can grid modernization support the ambitious scale-up of EVs? What are the influencing factors?
  • What constructive roles could organised EV charging play in the operation of wholesale power markets?  In integrating renewable energy?  In encouraging resilient microgrids?
  • How can regulators create better incentives for EVs to participate in power markets?
  • What consumer issues should be considered when designing technology and policy solutions at the EV-power system interface?
  • What are the emerging priorities (both technical and policy) that EVI-ISGAN should be considering?

As part of the discussion, Percepscion contributed insights based on their experiences with grid-friendly charging in the Australian market, along with commentary on the relationship of these experiences to other markets elsewhere.

The outcomes from the meeting will inform the Clean Energy Ministerial, an agreement between international governments aimed at accelerating the transition to clean energy technologies.

Grid-friendly charging gains ground

Regulators in California and the European Union have increased their push for grid-friendly EV charging as is enabled through Percepscion’s ChargeIQ intelligent EV charging system.

On 14 November the Californian Public Utility Commission initiated rule-making examining “the potential value to ratepayers and the electric grid of vehicle-grid integration, including the use of vehicle batteries for Demand Response or energy storage.

This followed on from the European Commisson’s 6 November publication of guidelines for member states on implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive.  Specifically, Article 15 “promotes access to and participation of demand response in balancing, reserve and other services markets, requiring that the technical or contractual modalities for participation be defined, including the participation of aggregators and other demand response service providers.”  This provision opens the way for utility demand response programs that will promote grid-friendly charging of electric vehicles.

For utilities or energy service companies looking to manage peak demand, Percepscion’s ChargeIQ provides a proven, cost-effective technical solution.  Management of EV charging can be accomplished with ChargeIQ for one tenth of the cost of network augmentation.  With ChargeIQ, grid-integration of EV charging becomes an opportunity for better asset utilisation.

Percepscion’s business development manager, Kristian Handberg, will be presenting ChargeIQ to a global audience at EVS27 in Barcelona on Wednesday 21 November.

Percepscion wins best presentation award

Percepscion’s presentation of their world-leading EV charge management project has been awarded best talk by the attendees of the Microgrid Forum Asia event in Singapore this week.

The event, held at the Park Royal Hotel in Singapore from 11-13 November, brought together a diverse audience of emerging energy technology specialists.

Kristian Handberg, Percepscion’s business development manager and recipient of the award said, “Having the opportunity to present Percepscion’s ChargeIQ intelligent electric vehicle charging system to such a fantastic gathering of experts and influential figures was great by itself, so to win the Microgrid Forum Tech Soapbox award was a real bonus.

ChargeIQ ensures electric vehicle charging can benefit everyone.  The industry experts assembled for the Microgrid Forum have recognised this, and my company Percepscion is confident that others will too.” 

As a result of the win, Percepscion have already been invited back to present at next year’s event.


Percepscion's business development manager receives the award from conference director Davide Bonomi.

Percepscion’s business development manager receives the award from conference director Davide Bonomi.

Percepscion at CES2014

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the annual gathering of businesses who make, market or use consumer technologies. Percepscion will be exhibiting its range of Smart Energy products at this year’s show, taking place in Las Vegas from 7-10 January.

Percepscion will be part of the ZigBee Alliance pavilion, reflecting our market-leadership in ZigBee-certified products.  If you’re going to ‘Vegas for CES, be sure to look us up at Booth no.20624-I in South Hall 1.

CES caps a pretty busy and exciting period for us; if you’d like to know a little more here’s a press release about what we’ve been up to lately CES Press Release.

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