ZigBee certified EV charging

ChargeIQ is a home charging system for plug-in electric vehicles that provides benefits for the consumer and the electricity industry. ChargeIQ is the only ZigBee certified electric vehicle charging system that seamlessly integrates the driver, vehicle and the grid.

World leading

ChargeIQ is the world’s first Smart Grid certified EV charging system, and in 2012 was used to deliver a world-leading demand management project using Victoria’s Smart Grid.

Driver friendly

ChargeIQ’s integration with Smart Meters means that it can automatically determine the most cost effective time to charge the user’s vehicle; ChargeIQ also allows the driver to monitor and manage the charging remotely via the internet, their smartphone or through email/SMS – drivers can simply set their charging preferences and let ChargeIQ take care of the rest.

Grid integrated

Utilities and energy service providers can manage charging loads through the ChargeIQ solution which promotes driver acceptance of direct load control; the ChargeIQ network management platform is also able to be tailored to client needs.
Zigbee certified grid-friendly  EV charging
ChargeIQ was originally developed by Percepscion’s parent organisation DiUS Computing, and successfully deployed as part of the Victorian Government Electric Vehicle Trial. To find our more, download ChargeIQ brochure here.

Report: Demand management of electric vehicle charging using Victoria’s Smart Grid May 2013

Demand management of EV charging using Victoria’s Smart Grid_Exec Summary_May 2013 (3Mb)

Demand management of EV charging using Victoria’s Smart Grid_May 2013 (10Mb)

Demand management of EV charging using Victoria’s Smart Grid_Appendices_May 2013 (12Mb)

Demonstrating Demand Management: How intelligent Electric Vehicle charging can benefit everyone, EVS27 conference paper, November 2013 (1 Mb)


Industry-ready packages are available now for commercial clients, including demand management deployments to help commission Smart Grid capabilities. Refer to the links below for more information about the world-leading ChargeIQ system.

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