Connecting your PowerVu

The information below is to guide you through the process of connecting your PowerVu unit to a Smart Meter.

What you’ll need before you start

  • PowerVu unit (charged or plugged in)
  • PowerVu unit Installation code + EUI-64/MAC address (= the unique identifiers located on the back of the device and/or the packaging)
  • Smart Meter identification code/number (= the unique identifier located on the Smart Meter or on any relevant electricity bill)
  • Device registration arrangements/portal (= the means by which a device can be wirelessly connected to a Smart Meter, most likely via your electricity network operator who you should contact with your request in the absence of any other information)
  • A straightened paper-clip or similar (= 1mm x 5mm object that can be used for step 1 below)
  • 10-15 minutes for the connection process

Now you’ve organised the items above…

  1. Enter the relevant codes/identifiers via the device registration arrangements/portal.  Using the process/portal provided by your electricity network operator, enter the PowerVu unit Installation code and EUI-64/MAC address along with your Smart Meter identification code/number.  This will allow the Smart Meter to send information to your PowerVu device. As this process can vary according to the arrangements put in place by your network operator, you might have to wait for their system complete the registration process or even contact them for help if need be.
  2. Ensure your PowerVu unit is no more than 30 meters from your electricity meter.  As PowerVu connects and receives information wirelessly from your meter, you must be within range for it to work.
  3. Reset your PowerVu energy monitor using a straightened paper-clip or similar.  Insert the paper-clip into the hole next to the socket on the side of the device, and press the reset button within it down for a minimum of 5 seconds.  This will move your PowerVu out of demonstration mode or remove any existing meter connection if present.
  4. Enter the relevant date and time.  Use the “View” button on the device to progress to the correct setting, and the “$/kW” button to select/move to the next setting.  This will ensure your PowerVu unit correctly matches your electricity use to your rate plan (if available) to provide the actual costs of your power use.

Once your PowerVu unit has been reset, it will automatically begin looking for your electricity meter.  This may take a few minutes, but once your meter is found, PowerVu will connect and download information about your power usage and electricity pricing (if available).

If your PowerVu unit displays “No suitable meter found”, it is most likely outside the range of your meter.  Try moving it closer to the meter.

If PowerVu does not supply any cost information about your power use, it is likely that your pricing information is not being supplied through your Smart Meter.

To enter your electricity pricing information manually, connect PowerVu to a PC or Mac using the supplied USB cable.  A new USB disk will appear in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) called “Energy Monitor”.

Double-click on the file called “HomeEnergyMonitor.html” to open the Energy Monitor Application.

Select the “Enter my prices” button at the top of the page and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your prices and install them onto your PowerVu device.

Tip – Your electricity prices are printed on your electricity bill.