PowerVu Home Energy Monitor

PowerVu by Percepscion is an intuitive, effective and elegant home energy monitor that engages consumers in energy management. Where others rely on the user remembering to check their consumption, the PowerVu home energy monitor presents the householder with their power usage every time they open or close the refrigerator; no call to action needed.

PowerVu is the only ZigBee-certified home energy monitor that provides a full suite of features in an ultra-low power fridge magnet that runs for months between charges.

PowerVu is Australia’s best selling home energy monitor and was chosen by Origin Energy for their Smart Energy program.

Information that matters

PowerVu offers 5 view modes – now, day, week, month and target – that allow users to get a snapshot of current usage; see how much power they have used so far today, this week and this month; and set a consumption target figure against which to compare their current usage.

Long-life, wireless operation

PowerVu’s in-built battery and patent-pending power management technology allow it to function for up to 2 months between charges, while ‘Walk Around’ mode allows the consumers to discover how much power individual appliances use by switching them on and off and seeing the change in consumption on the PowerVu display.

Engaging and empowering

PowerVu provides users with context-aware consumption tips on the text display to provide additional insights about their power usage, and applies the householder’s electricity rates to show their usage in dollars terms; PowerVu can also be plugged into a PC, enabling users to look at detailed power usage information.


Home Energy Monitor Web Application - PowerVu

Brand promotion

PowerVu’s attractive design is the ideal host for commercial customer branding (logo and colours), while the display can also be customized to meet specific needs.


For more information, download the PowerVu home energy monitor brochure here.