PowerVu FAQs

My Energy Monitor won’t connect to my Smart Meter.

Check the signal strength indicator. If there are no bars then you may not be within range of your meter.

Try moving your Energy Monitor closer to your meter (within a few meters) and touch one of the buttons. Your Energy Monitor will then search for your meter and connect if it finds it. If your Energy Monitor still does not connect, then your Energy Monitor may not be authorized to connect to your meter – contact your electricity network operator to confirm the arrangements for your area.

My Energy Monitor doesn’t stay connected when I have it installed on my fridge.

Your Energy Monitor should be able to connect to a meter from up to 30 meters away; however, there are many variables which affect this distance such as interference or the type of construction of your home. You may need to move your Energy Monitor closer to your meter.

Use the supplied cradle to locate your Energy Monitor in a convenient spot closer to your meter.

My Energy Monitor doesn’t stick to my fridge.

Unfortunately some fridges are not sufficiently magnetic to hold the Energy Monitor. If this is the case you should use the supplied cradle instead.

My Energy Monitor shows dashes in kWh views.

Your Energy Monitor downloads your usage history from your meter. If the meter has only recently been installed or the meter on your home does not support data history then there may not be enough information to provide you with your historical usage when your Energy Monitor is first connected to your meter.

Also, when your Energy Monitor is first connected to your meter it can take as long as 20 minutes to download your usage history. In either case your Energy Monitor will automatically show your usage once it has collected enough usage information from your meter.

Dashes are shown in $ views.

This occurs when your Energy Monitor does not have information about your electricity prices. If your meter doesn’t provide your electricity price information automatically to your Energy Monitor then you will need to manually enter this information.

To enter your electricity pricing information manually, connect PowerVu to a PC or Mac using the supplied USB cable.  A new USB disk will appear in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) called “Energy Monitor”.

Double-click on the file called “HomeEnergyMonitor.html” to open the Energy Monitor Application.

Select the “Enter my prices” button at the top of the page and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your prices and install them onto your PowerVu device.

Tip – Your electricity prices are printed on your electricity bill.

The Usage Indicator is not shown.

When your Energy Monitor doesn’t have enough usage history to calculate comparisons it will not show the Usage Indicator. Your Energy Monitor will automatically enable the Usage Indicator once it has enough usage information. This may take a few weeks.

My Energy Monitor is not waking up or appears stuck.

Ensure that your Energy Monitor’s battery is charged by plugging it into a mains socket with the power adapter. The battery indicator will stop flashing when it is fully charged. If your Energy Monitor is still “stuck” then press the reset button for one second using a paper clip.

Warning: If you hold the reset button down for too long (5 seconds) your energy monitor will be told to disconnect from your meter. If this happens you will need to follow the instructions on page 10 to reconnect your Energy Monitor to your meter.

If this does not resolve the problem then contact na-support@percepscion.com

The Usage Indicator does not switch on.

Some meters only update information to the Energy Monitor every 30 or 40 seconds; this means it may take a while after switching an appliance on or off to see the change in usage.