On 16 November Percepscion took part in a gathering of international policy-makers and experts in Barcelona discussing integration of electric vehicles into the grid.  The roundtable, attended by over 30 representatives, was organised by the Electric Vehicle Initiative and the International Smart Grid Action Network.

Issues discussed included:

  • What is the potential impact of wide-scale EV deployment on the electric grid at the local, regional and national levels?
  • How can EV infrastructure provision be optimised to decrease grid stress?  What are the information requirements?
  • How can grid modernization support the ambitious scale-up of EVs? What are the influencing factors?
  • What constructive roles could organised EV charging play in the operation of wholesale power markets?  In integrating renewable energy?  In encouraging resilient microgrids?
  • How can regulators create better incentives for EVs to participate in power markets?
  • What consumer issues should be considered when designing technology and policy solutions at the EV-power system interface?
  • What are the emerging priorities (both technical and policy) that EVI-ISGAN should be considering?

As part of the discussion, Percepscion contributed insights based on their experiences with grid-friendly charging in the Australian market, along with commentary on the relationship of these experiences to other markets elsewhere.

The outcomes from the meeting will inform the Clean Energy Ministerial, an agreement between international governments aimed at accelerating the transition to clean energy technologies.

Grid-friendly charging gains ground

Regulators in California and the European Union have increased their push for grid-friendly EV charging as is enabled through Percepscion’s ChargeIQ intelligent EV charging system.

On 14 November the Californian Public Utility Commission initiated rule-making examining “the potential value to ratepayers and the electric grid of vehicle-grid integration, including the use of vehicle batteries for Demand Response or energy storage.

This followed on from the European Commisson’s 6 November publication of guidelines for member states on implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive.  Specifically, Article 15 “promotes access to and participation of demand response in balancing, reserve and other services markets, requiring that the technical or contractual modalities for participation be defined, including the participation of aggregators and other demand response service providers.”  This provision opens the way for utility demand response programs that will promote grid-friendly charging of electric vehicles.

For utilities or energy service companies looking to manage peak demand, Percepscion’s ChargeIQ provides a proven, cost-effective technical solution.  Management of EV charging can be accomplished with ChargeIQ for one tenth of the cost of network augmentation.  With ChargeIQ, grid-integration of EV charging becomes an opportunity for better asset utilisation.

Percepscion’s business development manager, Kristian Handberg, will be presenting ChargeIQ to a global audience at EVS27 in Barcelona on Wednesday 21 November.

Percepscion wins best presentation award

Percepscion’s presentation of their world-leading EV charge management project has been awarded best talk by the attendees of the Microgrid Forum Asia event in Singapore this week.

The event, held at the Park Royal Hotel in Singapore from 11-13 November, brought together a diverse audience of emerging energy technology specialists.

Kristian Handberg, Percepscion’s business development manager and recipient of the award said, “Having the opportunity to present Percepscion’s ChargeIQ intelligent electric vehicle charging system to such a fantastic gathering of experts and influential figures was great by itself, so to win the Microgrid Forum Tech Soapbox award was a real bonus.

ChargeIQ ensures electric vehicle charging can benefit everyone.  The industry experts assembled for the Microgrid Forum have recognised this, and my company Percepscion is confident that others will too.” 

As a result of the win, Percepscion have already been invited back to present at next year’s event.


Percepscion's business development manager receives the award from conference director Davide Bonomi.

Percepscion’s business development manager receives the award from conference director Davide Bonomi.

Organisations engaging Percepscion’s services may be eligible for up to $250,000 under the Victorian Government’s Technology Development Voucher program.  The program, run by Business Victoria, has been developed to drive the use of cutting edge technologies and to support Victorian companies against local and global competition.

Percepscion has recently been listed as an approved supplier under the program, increasing the appeal of Percepscion’s already attractive value proposition.  The Technology Implementation Voucher can be used to undertake substantial testing or applied development activities in order to adapt existing technology based innovations into new practice or within new markets.

If your company is considering undertaking projects of this type, get in touch to discuss how Percepscion might help you successfully deliver under budget, on time and exceeding expectations.

Percepscion is proud to be sponsoring the Smart Energy Summit, 17-19 February 2014 in Austin Texas.  The fifth staging of the annual event, run by Parks Associates, examines the expanding market for Smart Energy solutions and home controls and their impact on utilities, service providers, retailers, manufacturers, and consumers.

We’ll be presenting our world-leading Electric Vehicle charging Demand Response project at the event, and talking about our experiences integrating consumer technology products into Smart Meter Home Area Networks.

Should you be interested in meeting with us during the event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@percepscion.com.

Smart Energy Summit


Percepscion at CES2014

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the annual gathering of businesses who make, market or use consumer technologies. Percepscion will be exhibiting its range of Smart Energy products at this year’s show, taking place in Las Vegas from 7-10 January.

Percepscion will be part of the ZigBee Alliance pavilion, reflecting our market-leadership in ZigBee-certified products.  If you’re going to ‘Vegas for CES, be sure to look us up at Booth no.20624-I in South Hall 1.

CES caps a pretty busy and exciting period for us; if you’d like to know a little more here’s a press release about what we’ve been up to lately CES Press Release.

CES2014 simple #2

Hot off the press: our work demonstrating EV charging demand management has been featured in Metering International magazine.

ChargeIQ featured in Metering International Sept 2013

World 1st For Percepscion

Percepscion’s Fire Danger application is now live! In what is believed to be a world first, Percepscion is using Victoria’s Smart Meter network to deliver benefits to the community beyond the network’s core application measuring and controlling electrical devices.

Percepscion is using the Smart Meter network to deliver Fire Danger Rating forecasts from the CFA website to Percepscion’s FireVu fridge magnets in trial participants’ homes. The technology trial will run over the 2011/2012 fire season to prove the technology capability, with a broader trial possibly running over the 2012/2013 season.

PowerVu Now ZigBee Certified

The Percepscion PowerVu home electricity monitor now has ZigBee Smart Energy certification.

ZigBee Smart Energy is the world’s leading standard for interoperable products that monitor, control, inform and automate the delivery and use of energy and water. It helps create greener homes by giving consumers the information and automation needed to easily reduce their consumption and save money, too.

DSE Fire Danger Forecast Trial

The Department of Sustainability and Environment’s (DSE) Fire Danger Forecast Trial is due to start December 2011 and will run the duration of the 2011/2012 fire season.
The aim of the trial is to establish the use of the underlying Smart Meter communications network for delivery of messaging to the home, in particular geographically distributing public safety messages and in this case the 4-day Fire Danger Forecast published by the CFA.